Exclusive 15 Week VIP Coaching Plan for Athletes, Executives, Celebrities & Influencers

Need to get shredded for a competition or shoot?

You will achieve an elite level photo-shoot ready physique and the unbreakable confidence of a star in just 15 weeks

VIP Coaching: 15 Weeks

Rs. 25,000

One-time payment 


Limited Availability: 5 slots per month

Spaces Available: 0

All Spaces Fully Booked

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The VIP program is not for everyone.

I only allow 5 members each quarter to keep this program focused and accountable. 

This is an extremely exclusive program reserved for celebrities, busy executives, influencers and pros urgently needing to sculpt a shredded physique, unbreakable confidence and complete mental strength. 

This level of detailed coaching is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

In just 15 weeks, you will:

Are you ready to ascend?

Or will you remain earthbound with the masses?

Process: Once you’ve enrolled, I will contact you on Whatsapp to take it further.

Your program includes: 

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3 Month

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One Time Payment

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